Xbox Fitness Resolution: Slow progress


Utilizing the popular New Year’s Resolution to get back into shape, every Friday of January I will be detailing my experience with Xbox Fitness to see if it is a viable workout tool. Read my first post in the series here and the second here.


Every Friday I measure these four areas of my body to track my progress. This week’s numbers are in red.

Small of waist: 27.5 inches – 27.2 inches – 27.5 inches (what happened here?)
Waist at bellybutton: 30.5 inches – 30.2 inches – 30.2 inches 
Hips: 33.5 inches – 33.5 inches – 33.5 inches
Arm: 9.7 inches – 9.5 inches – 9.4 inches


1/12 – This workout was performed under special circumstances. On this day, I was marathoning the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a few friends. So, instead of working out on my own I had my friends do a short one with me in between disks. For this group fitness activity, we went with my favorite, the “10-Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Fat Burner Low Impact Fat Blaster.” I ended with 20K and four stars, which wasn’t bad considering my two friends would sometimes be picked up by the Kinect, which messed up my score.

1/13 – I began this workout once again with the “10-Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Fat Burner Low Impact Fat Blaster.” It serves as a great warmup to get my heart rate going. Reader JangoFett25 told me the command had worked for him, I went ahead and retried the “Xbox, pause” command. After screaming “Xbox, pause!” at my Kinect a few times, the video finally paused. In conclusion, voice commands do work with Xbox Fitness. Just be ready to shout.

Next, I tried the “10-Minute Solutions: Lean Body Sculpt” workout and earned 14K and five stars. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Xbox Fitness library is filled with these 10-Minute Solutions. While they may seem ineffective at first, strategically playing one after another is a great way to create a semi-personalized workout. They’re also great to do in between levels on other games. I ended my workout with the killer “10-Minute Solutions: Six Pack Ab Attack.”

1/15 – “Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, Week 1″ killed me once again. I would have liked to go onto the next week of the “Ripped in 30″ series, but I would have had to play $9.99 for the rest of the workouts. Seeing as Xbox Fitness will eventually be a paid program, I don’t see why anyone would want to pay additional money in addition to their subscription. On the plus side, this workout gave me enough stamps to level me up from a Fit Beginner to a Medalist on my stamp card.

1/16 – Instead of tackling another 30 minute workout, I decided to go with the 20 minute “Jillian Michaels: Kickbox Fast Fix.” I earned 43K and five stars, with the average at 31K. Thought it wasn’t much of a break from the previous day’s workout, it was a fantastic workout and I had no Kinect issues. Like the “Ripped in 30″ series, other videos from the series were available for purchase.

1/17 – I thought I was dying when I got out of bed this morning. Everything was sore, especially my hamstrings. To wind down the week, I returned to the “10-Minute Solutions: Belly Fat Burner” and the “10-Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Fat Burner Low Impact Fat Blaster.” For some reason, I experienced a lot of Kinect issues with the “Belly Fat Burner.” Still, I managed to rack up 12K and five stars, while the average was at 9K.

Next week my goal is to not miss a day and to do more 30-minute workouts. P90X, here I come.

Check back here on Jan. 24 for the next Xbox Fitness Resolution update. 

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