Xbox Fitness Resolution: Boot Camp


Utilizing the popular New Year’s Resolution to get back into shape, every Friday of January I will be detailing my experience with Xbox Fitness to see if it is a viable workout tool. Read my first post in the series here.


Every Friday I measure these four areas of my body to track my progress. This week’s numbers are in red.

Small of waist: 27.5 inches – 27.2 inches
Waist at bellybutton: 30.5 inches – 30.2 inches
Hips: 33.5 inches - 33.5 inches
Arm: 9.7 inches – 9.5 inches


I wish I wouldn’t have, but moving forced me to take the weekend off from my workout regiment. No worries, this week was plenty difficult.

1/6 – This was my chance to show my Kinect that I was better than average. In my new space, I tackled the “10-Minute Solutions: Belly Fat Burner” once again and came out triumphant. I’ve only done this workout four times, but I’ll still count my four star ranking a small victory. What really helped me with this workout was having plenty of space to jump, slide, and lay while still being in my Kinect’s range. 

The Kinect’s visibility proved to be even more important when I tried out the “10-Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Fat Burner Low Impact Fat Blaster.”  This workout screams Napoleon Dynamite’s dance scene. I was bouncing all over the place, mamboing, and performing other silly dance moves. Even with my best effort I only racked up 20K, which was just under the average. I swear to perfect this workout!

1/7 – I began my workout with the “10-Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Fat Burner Low Impact Fat Blaster.” It served as a nice warmup and I managed to earn five stars. The hard work really began with “10-Minute Solutions: Six Pack Ab Attack.” Oh, the pain! Seven minutes in I felt like curling up in a ball and giving up. Every time I slowed down – or in some cases, stop moving altogether – the Kinect would patronize me. “You can do it!” “Keep up with the instructor!” Yeah right, Kinect.

Eventually my desire to earn points overshadowed my pain and I pressed on. Somehow I managed to earn three stars and 10K in points, the average being at 8K.  The only issue I had with this workout was my sister’s boyfriend. He walked in front of me while I was working out and the Kinect lost me. After flailing my arms around for a few seconds, it found me again and I was able to continue my workout.

1/10 - A new kitten – and ab pain – kept me away from my Xbox One on Wednesday and Thursday, so today I stepped up my routine. “Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, Week 1″ had me working out harder than I ever have before. I had to pause the game once or twice, which was a hassle since I had to run around looking for my controller. For some reason the verbal “pause” command doesn’t work with the Xbox Fitness app, which is strange since it’s one of the perfect situations to implement it. When I’m flailing around, doing pushups, and trying not to fall flat on my face, the last thing I’m thinking about is my controller’s location.

Thirty minutes later, I was worn out and ready to die. The Kinect had  issues tracking some of my foot movement in exercises that required small steps. Even with the miscalculation by the Kinect, I managed to earn four stars and 47K with the score average at 39K.  Though I was very glad to be above average, this longer session had me wondering how many points others were losing due to inaccuracies by the Kinect.

Check back here on Jan. 17 for the next Xbox Fitness Resolution update. 

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