Edwin’s New Year Resolution

This year I have one resolution: play some fantastic games! That may sound simple, maybe even a bit boring, but hear me out. Growing up I had pretty much every Nintendo handheld. I was lucky enough to enjoy some great games but was not always able to own every Nintendo home console. I had to skip the Nintendo 64, Gamecube (got it at the end of its lifecycle), and the Wii. It seems, however, that my luck has changed! I now have a Nintendo 64 (cool green color too!), Gamecube, and the Wii through the Wii U. My goal for the new year is to play an “old” game every month from the large library of these three consoles I skipped.

That is where you come in. You get to tell me which games to play! Now I have already decided to play the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii, so that means I already have three games decided. All I need is for you to help me choose the nine other games. They don’t need to be the biggest games from the biggest franchises, but it would be appreciated if they were fun. I will then update you guys on how far I have gone through the games and at the end of each month give you my final thoughts on the game. Remember, it has to be a game from either the Wii, Gamecube, or Nintendo 64. All you have to do is leave your suggestions in the comments below and I will choose nine games! Let’s have fun with this shall we?

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8 responses to “Edwin’s New Year Resolution

  1. Wow there are a lot. Metroid Prime, Castlevania 65, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Resident Evil 0, Gex, Banjo Kazoo, and more

  2. Anything you can take out of the pool that you might have played a port of? Like Zelda OoT for 3ds, Banjo Kazooie from XBLA, or Resident Evil 4 on ps2 or digital download else where.

  3. If you haven’t played Majora’s Mask or Twilight Princess I suggest those! Plus, Hunter the Reckoning was one of my favorite GameCube games and a lot of fun multiplayer! :) Gauntlet legends…if you can find it. Luigi’s Mansion on GameCube was the first game I ever beat on my GameCube. Seriously, you have the best two systems right there.

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